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Dale & Heather@ 9:55pm 06-15-2010
You amaze me. Your strength in light of all you have faced these last weeks inspire me (you always could influence me!). I will keep praying for you and your girls and hopefully we can also get together some time, not let time pass us by this time in spite of the busyness of life. Take care and have lots of rest in the days to come. Grieve and let God's grace flow over you as no doubt tears will flow down your face. It's OK to cry. We cry with you. Love you. Heather
Kristine@ 5:50pm 06-15-2010
Though I am miles away and "focused" on this job, I cannot help but think of you and wonder how you are doing. I read and I see you are doing as one would expect --- valiant wounded soldier. I ache for you and pray for soothing balm for your sweet soul. See you soon. xo
Wes and Marcie@ 2:42pm 06-14-2010
Felicia, Bryn & Mike, Cammie and Alissa,
You are all on our heart today as you celebrate Alissa's first birthday without her dad. I know he will be present in spirit and very much a part of the day for you all. We are loving you and always praying for you as you continue on this unexpected journey.
felicia@ 9:14am 06-14-2010
I love you.
these days are heavy with portent
my sighs come and go
my tears flow
and I am well
for lo
I have an
army of love
an ocean of prayer
God Himself
Barb McDowell@ 9:30pm 06-11-2010
Dear Felicia and Family,

We send you our HEARTFELT sympathy for Loren. We pray that the closeness of your Friends and Family and the Presence of God the Father, will comfort you and help you through this time.

Love and Prayers,
Your Cousin Barb and Harry
Rebecca and Rhonda
Larry@ 10:52pm 06-10-2010
I will miss you Loren. You were a true friend, and I have learned so much from you. Rejoice with the Saints!
Pamela@ 5:17pm 06-10-2010
May the God of all comfort be your comfort.
Kristine@ 11:28am 06-10-2010
Michael's Prayer:
May sorrow show me the way to compassion.
May I come to recognize the gift of my loved one's death by opening my ear of compassion.
May I realize grace in the midst of suffering.
May this experience in some way be a blessing for me.
May loving-kindness sustain me.
May love fill and heal my body and mind.
May I be peaceful and let go of expectations.
May I find peace and strength that I may use my resources to help others.
May I receive the love and compassion of others.
May all those who are grieving be released from their suffering.
May I offer love, knowing that I cannot control the course of life, suffering, or death.

May I let go of guilt and resentment.
May I forgive myself for mistakes made and things left undone.
May I forgive and be forgiven.
May I forgive myself for not meeting my loved ones' needs.
May I accept my human limitations with compassion.

May I be open to the true nature of life.
May I open to the unknown as I let go of the known.
May I offer gratitude to those around me.
May I be grateful for this life.
Lynne@ 10:44am 06-10-2010
There is nothing I can do or say that will make your hurt any less but what i can do is send you our love and prayer and to let you know that we are thinking of u and will be there. He is in a place where he is no longer hurting and he can watch over and protect his beautiful family <3
Lisa@ 10:06am 06-10-2010
A ship sails and I stand watching till she fades on the horizon and someone at my side says She is gone.

Gone where? Gone from my sight, that is all. She is just as large now as when I last saw her. Her diminished size and total loss from my sight is in me, not in her.

And just at that moment, when someone at my side says she is gone, there are others who are watching her coming over their horizon and other voices take up a glad shout - There she comes!

That is what dying is. An horizon and just the limit of our sight.
Ron & Ruth Penner@ 8:59am 06-10-2010
Blessings to you as a family as you continue to grieve your great loss. Your example of openess and faith has inspired many. We hold you in our prayers.
Danielle Blaich@ 7:57am 06-10-2010
Felicia and Girls,

Loren will be missed greatly. I will continue to pray for strength for your family as you prepare to continue on your journey, and for peace for you all.
Elvira Cote@ 7:50am 06-10-2010
I`am so sorry to hear of your loss May God bring much comfort during this time of grieving.
Erma Penner@ 11:39pm 06-09-2010
May God continue to be your strength as you are on this journey. He is always there, even when we cannot see Him, or touch Him. Cling to Him ... Our prayers continue to surround you guys.
Yamileth y Alvaro@ 7:23pm 06-09-2010
Mi Querida Amiga : i wish i could tell you words to ease your pain
but no words will do.
I wish i could give you a big hug until i numb your pain
but i can't do so
i wish, i wish , i wish to take your pain away
I can only promise
to give you a hug filled with love
to pray to the Heavenly father for peace and comfort for you sweet love
To pray to the heavenly father to give you strength
and to be there for you.

Amiga, God bless you and give you all the strength needed at this difficult time.

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